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Have what it takes?

Are you an influencer looking to be sponsored, become an affiliate, or just boost your passive revenue?
Currently We are looking for Gaming and other influencers who share in our vision to bring better smelling gaming setups to gamer’s around the globe! Below are a list of exactly what it takes and what we are looking for in all of our affiliate marketers. If you really do believe you have what takes, fill out the form on the right and we will be in touch. Keep in mind all applicants are considered on a CASE BY CASE basis.

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What is the Gaming Candle Affiliate Program

The Gaming Candle Affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commissions by referring visitors to our site through links, videos, posts or whatever method you are currently reaching your audience.

What are the requirements

You mean besides being awesome? Wellllllll we do have a few things we require. We will look for affiliates with at least 25,000 followers that are producing regular content and that are positive in nature. Not too bad.

What does it cost to Join

Absolutely nothing! We will initiate most of our influences on a trial basis (with all the perks) to make sure it is a symbiotic relationship. We love everyone we work with and consider each affiliate relationship a partnership.

How much Can I earn?

This is the question we get most! We take each case on a case by case basis, and don’t love to spout off numbers, but we are proud of being one of the fairest affiliate partners in the industry. Typically our affiliates will earn 5%-10% of sales referred – PLUS occasional perks and promotions!


We don’t do contracts, besides the initial sign up  terms and conditions etc. WE do require exclusivity, and retain the right to cancel our relationship at anytime for any reason.

How do I get paid and How can I check my sales?

All commissions are paid monthly, 60 days after they are earned due to returns, refunds, fraud etc. You will have your OWN DASHBOARD where you can track sales, referrals, and how you are doing in general!

HOW do I APPLY?!!!!

LETS GOOOO!!!! We are excited to start working with you. If you have met the above requirements and feel like you want to work on a relationships, simply fill out the form above and we will be in touch!